Earlier this week, the Norway data-protection authority published its intent to fine Disqus for tracking European users withouth their consent. This is a simple violation of the European privacy regulation.

Disqus has suggested (in their marketing) that they actually care about the privacy, see for example the image below. However, it has turned out that they cannot even follow European privacy law, which makes me doubt that they can follow ethical standards in general.

Acting on this, I have removed this website completely from Disqus. I don’t feel that it is still ethical to impose its usage on my visitors.

Disqus interface showing 'Do not sell my data', linking to data sharing policies.
Disqus pretending to be on top of privacy.


Luckily, you’re probably not affected. :)

Back when I programmed the layout for this website, I made sure that Disqus would not load for anybody not interested in the service. That is, if your DNT header was not explicitly set to 0, Disqus would only load after you manually clicked the Load comments by Disqus button.