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The Kyber/Dilithium NTT

During the last half year, I have been working on implementing the Dilithium signature scheme. Dilithium is one of the few remaining candidates in the NIST post-quantum cryptography competition. Older cryptographic signature schemes, like RSA and Ed25519, are catastrophically broken by quantum computers. Dilithium is however resistant to these quantum attacks.

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LLVM provides no side-channel resistance

Half a year ago I finally achieved my master’s degree in computing science. Now I am pursuing a PhD at the Radboud University in the field of cryptography. Among other things, I have been looking at elliptic curves and implementation and application of a couple of post-quantum KEMs.

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Writing a compiler from scratch

Writing my own compiler is something that's always been on my bucket list (the same holds for writing a kernel). To check this one off, I have recently done my university's Compiler construction course. The gist of this course is of course very straightforward: “In this course you are going to build a compiler.”

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